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Bob Briefcase, Messenger Bag

Bob Briefcase, Messenger Bag

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We use selected thick crazy horse leather , quality hardware and nylon fabric to make the bag as good as it is. This bag is perfect as your everyday bag, which can fit for a 14'' Laptop, an IPAD, A4 files, books, magazines, as well as many accessories.(M)


• Long Adjustable Shoulder Strap 
• Solid Quality Hardware 
• Fabric Lining 
• Inside laptop sleeve, wall zipper pocket, 1 cell pocket, 1 purse pocket

Dimensions: 14.5"L x 4.3"W x 11.4"H / 37cm(L) x 11cm(W) x 29cm(H)

Weight: 3.2lb / 1.45kg

Shoulder Strap(Adjustable): 140cm;

Color: Dark Brown/Black 7108

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Care Instructions


Leather is one of the most luxe materials out there, which means it's also intimidating to care for. But don't sweat it too much — here's everything you need to know about keeping your leather in tip-top shape — and cleaning up scratches and faded color after a little wear and tear (it happens).

1. Protect before you use it.

Prevention is the best form of protection. Treating leather regularly helps the leather look its best for many years to come!

2. Keep leather item out of the sun.

The sun will dry the leather out and cause it to become brittle. Once your leather has become brittle it will become to crack and deteriorate.

3. Keep leather in a cool dry area.

Mildew can deteriorate leather if it is allowed to grow on it. Don’t leave your items in a humid or wet basement – this could promote the growth of mildew. Don’t keep your leather in plastic either. Removing all air supply from the leather is bad for the material.

4. Reapply protection at least every three months.

Or more often if it's a particularly nasty season (will the snow ever melt!?). Cleaning and protecting you leather is important to maintaining the life of your product. Removing dirt and debris from you leather with help keep your leather looking and feeling brand new! Remember moisture is key to keeping leather health and maintaining its natural oil. After clean your leather make sure to always follow with a conditioner or oil. 

5. Keep Leather away from abrasives that can scuff or cut.

Once leather has been damaged, there is no way to repair it. Keep in mind that you can only prevent this to a degree, so don’t obsess over it. Try not to leave your leather on a gravel driveway, for example. However, throughout the lifespan of your leather something is bound to happen to it. You also should avoid letting your leather get stretched out. For example, if you stuff a leather wallet too full it won’t go back to its normal size afterwards. If you want sleek, new looking leather you should avoid stretching it.

7. Don't forget water drastically changes leather.

The biggest mistake people make when caring for leather clothing is getting it too wet, then rubbing the material too hard. Leather is delicate, especially when wet and the color can come off easily, so don't saturate or vigorously rub it while cleaning — and never immerse leather in water. Avoid use soap or cleansers to clean leather. These types of chemicals can remove the natural oils in the leather used to preserve the material. Chemical soaps will cause the leather to dry out, crack, and begin to deteriorate. 


Waxed Canvas

Like high-quality leather, waxed canvas looks and feels better the more you use it. It’s durable, water resistant, and breathable. A waxed canvas bag can easily withstand the test of time with proper maintenance. So, understand: when we say “care for,” we don’t mean “keep it looking like you never use it.”

1. Go easy on the cleaning.

A few scuffs and a little dust isn’t going to kill your waxed canvas. But if you have major dirt to deal with, then gently scrub it away with a bristled brush. If needed, spray the waxed canvas with cold water for additional cleaning. And if you’re dealing with a tough spot that you really want to clean up, add a small amount of mild soap (NOT DETERGENT) to the cold water. Then rinse and allow to air dry. Do NOT dry clean or machine wash your waxed canvas bag

2. Watch out for the heat.

Do not put waxed canvas in the dryer. Extreme heat will break down the wax coating. It's fine to bring your waxed canvas bag for a hike on a hot summer day, you may notice the material softening. Do be alarmed the material will return to normal when it’s back at room temperature. But, on that note, try not to leave your waxed canvas bag hot car all summer long.

3. Re-wax when needed.

Over time, the wax coating might begin to thin. You can restore your bag or by re-waxing it. This is a simple process which only requires a bar or tin of wax and a hair dryer to help soften the wax when applying. You can find details on how to re-wax a canvas bag here.

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