The Craziest of all Leather. “Crazy Horse Leather?”

The Craziest of all Leather. “Crazy Horse Leather?”

The Craziest of all Leather. “Crazy Horse Leather?”

It sounds like something some kind of exotic leather. As cool as it sounds Crazy horse leather may not be what you all think based on the name. We get tons of people who have asked what exactly is crazy horse leather and what it is made of?

So we figured we give to people what they want and pass on some information on Crazy Horse Leather to help understand what it is. 😊

How is it made of?

Crazy horse leather which also known as saddle leather is made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax strengthens the leather fibers and that way when they are scratched or rubbed, the leather's natural color changes its shade that gives the vintage appearance with a unique patina that is stylish and very attractive. 

Why is it called the Crazy horse leather?

Great question! It simple really. Crazy horse leather does not REPEAT does not come from horses. Putting the words Horse and Leather can create a common misconception, but just like most leather it is made for full grain cowhide. Since this is a very common leather used for horse saddles the name nickname Crazy Horse Leather was born.

Why does the crazy horse leather feels 'waxy'? and looks like it has scratches on it. 

The process of making the crazy horse leather is by applying a wax to the leather. This creates a unique effect just by giving it a little rubs and scratches that will cause small changes to the material's shade and appearance. Over time this gives it the leather a unique rustic, vintage look which ages beautifully and provides that rugged look it is known for, this is called a patina. Naturally through wear and tear, the crazy horse will leave scratches, but the scratched and rubbed areas that show the changes in the shades of colors truly reflects to the vintage look.

Advantages of crazy horse leather

We believe the best advantage of Crazy horse leather is strength and durability. With the wax applied to the leather, it protects the leather making it resistant to water and other liquids which is an important factor in the longevity of the leather. Another advantage is most Crazy horse leather is thick which allow it to hold up over time with constant wear and use. 

Final Take

Crazy horse leather has been around for many years and continues to be go to leather for a lot of artisans. Here at Fashionably late we have some of the best product made from this leather that will provide you style and durability that will last you a lifetime without breaking the bank. 

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